“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe


Your portrait session is just around the corner.  Together we can create a series of images that reflect your spirit and tell your story. This guide will help you make the most of your portrait session. From wardrobe to hair and makeup, these tips will help you look your best.


Select clothing choices that represent your personal style and help you feel confident.

Branding Sessions

Stay true to your company's vision. If your brand is all about having fun, working in a relaxing environment, staying lowkey and relat







It’s okay to make a powerful statement with colors, styles, and accessories. However, we recommend:

- outfits that fit - while it is fun to get new outfits for your session, make sure they fit and flatter your body type so you will be comfortable in the session and look your best in the image

- clothing without excessive patterns, logos and other branding, as it can be distracting

- solid colors that compliment your skin tone 

- V-neck or scoop neck tops, usually the most flattering on all body types

- mid-length or long sleeves help draw attention to your face 

- layering! scarves and jackets elongate the body, add dimension to the look and can be removed to provide additional options for your session


If your session allows for wardrobe changes, bring lots of options to work with. A wardrobe bag can be very useful in keeping items clean and organized. Make sure to include a few casual and formal selections, so you will have more variety to choose from. 



If you have a trademark hairstyle, try not to alter it too much for your portraits. A haircut a few weeks before your session is a nice way to clear up split ends, but we recommend a trim over a new style. On the day of your session, style your hair however you like—express yourself. Be sure to use styling products so your look will stay put throughout the day.  Please bring brushes and hairspray for quick touch-ups during your session as well.



Makeup should be worn no heavier than you would for an evening out.  Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, we suggest a light foundation or powder to reduce shine and even out skin tones. Powder is great for even guys to use, and yes we promise no one will ever be able to tell you are wearing it. Heavier makeup applied near the end of the session is fun for more dramatic poses and black and white images.