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Corporate Images

With over 20 years of experience, Jean Terman is a seasoned portrait photographer based in Allendale, NJ. She has a reputation for creating authentic and engaging images, specializing in capturing the real essence of individuals. Jean excels in capturing the spirit of business events and corporate settings.

Our Approach
In the studio and on location, every photoshoot is an experience crafted with care and creativity. We understand that a great portrait is not just about capturing a face; it's about revealing a personality. With an upbeat and casual demeanor, Jean creates a fun and relaxed environment where clients can truly be themselves. Whether in the studio or at a corporate event, every individual feels at ease, allowing their genuine personalities to shine through.

The power of authenticity is the real magic. Every smile and every expression tells a story. We'll encapsulate these moments in timeless photographs. The goal is not just to take pictures but to create visual narratives that reflect the true essence of each client, be it an individual or a corporate team, and tell their brand story in a way that engages the viewers.

As a passionate photographer, Jean possesses an in-depth knowledge of camera techniques, color theory, and image composition. This expertise, coupled with a keen eye for detail, ensures that every photograph captures the authenticity and uniqueness of the subject, even in dynamic corporate environments. Her experience in C-Suites as a graphic illustrator ensures that your images will fit into any marketing or media platform.

Client Testimonials
"Working with Jean for our corporate event was an exceptional experience. Her ability to capture the essence of our team was remarkable. We highly recommend her services for any corporate photography needs." - C.H. 

"I was in the grocery store and the cashier recognized me from my ad. I'd used other photographers before and that never happened.  I love my photos and I know that people are paying attention. I'll always use Jean for my marketing images." - L.P. 

Let's Connect
Are you ready to capture your authentic self or portray your corporate identity? Call or email to discuss your photography needs and schedule your session. We are happy to help you create images that you'll be thrilled to use in your media.

Phone: 201-301-3556

Cell: 201-819-6886


Capturing the Authentic You and Your Corporate Story - Anytime, Anywhere

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