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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

Photographs illustrate our life stories. They help hold onto moments we cherish and ones we’ll cherish later.


They truly are an investment. 

I specialize in creating portraits. To me, this means that whether I am photographing a business professional, an artist, a mother, a child, or a family, I ensure that your true spirit is evident in the final product. I do this by spending time before our session getting to know you and your expectations. On picture day, I work with you to ensure that we exceed those expectations and have fun doing it. Once I am satisfied that we’ve created a library of images you will love, I edit those images, then meet with you to help pick the ones that best illustrate the story you want to tell.

My value to you is twofold: I put my heart into each session I shoot and each image I create, and I have the technical knowledge and extensive experience to provide you with outstanding images every time.

Your Investment Options: 

Corporate and Social Media Images

Tell your clients who you are with images that capture the feel of your business. Individual images, group shots, or a full corporate story told with a series of photos that let you shine in print, social media, or direct marketing formats. In today’s market, your clients meet you first through your media. Make sure they are seeing you at your best.

During our pre-session consultation, in the studio or on the phone, we’ll sketch out the story you want to convey. Then, your stress-free, fun photo session will create images that illustrate your message. Once you’ve selected your images, you’ll receive high and/or medium-resolution digital files with versions sized for social media, square profile thumbnails, and print use. We make it easy to use the images you love!


  • Individual Portrait - Get rid of that grainy selfie or that photo from some event you can’t even remember. You deserve better! In just 20-30 minutes we’ll take a series of images that let you shine. Come to the studio or pick a location that shows off your style.

    • You pick your favorite images and get 2 poses delivered as high-resolution and social media resolution files for use on all your marketing sites.   

    • Investment: $399 for weekday sessions with high-resolution images

  • Individual or Partner Branding Images - Need more than a profile image? We’ll spend 60 – 90 minutes creating a series of images that stand on their own but work well together.  Create a library of photos that you can use across your media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, and your print media. Variety allows you to keep your media presence interesting and fluid but consistent. Start a conversation with your viewers that they will want to continue in person. 

    • Multiple clothing changes are included and you pick 10 of your favorite images from the session. You’ll receive high-resolution and medium-resolution files that are perfect for creating a statement in print and online.  

    • Investment: $1099 for weekday sessions

  • Group Images - Have more people in your organization? Then your story takes longer to tell. Choose your location, at your business, or another site that helps define your corporate image, and use this 2 to 3-hour package to get individual portraits and group photos that show the world your vision. Perfect for web or print marketing media, we’ll work together to make these images the next chapter in your business success.

    • Pick 15 poses of your favorite images from the session in high-resolution and medium-resolution files. Need more? Additional medium-resolution files can be purchased for $75 an image. high-resolution is $140.  

    • Investment: $1799 for weekday sessions

Family Photos

It is your family, your love story, illustrate it with beautiful images that capture the spirit and emotion that is truly you.

My family photo sessions are all about documenting the moments that reveal what is unique and wonderful about your relationship. It is all about clicking the shutter just at that perfect moment: capturing that sideways grin that means trouble is coming, that hint of a dimple when they are trying not to smile, a tickle, a giggle, a loving glance, all the little things that speak to who you really are and what you truly love. 

Each image is a piece of art that illustrates this chapter in the story of you. Let's tell your story!  Investment starts at $299 for weekday sessions.

Call 201-301-3556 to learn more about our family session options. 


Artist Headshots

Looking for that perfect image for your portfolio or casting sheet. We'll help you glow. Let us help you with prints, comp cards, and many other products, or create your own.

Show them you’re special with a gorgeous image created in the studio. Color or black and white casting images sized for 8x10 handouts are perfect for any performer. Choose a simple image or include the digital frame with your name.


  • You pick your favorite image from the session and choose the format.

  • Use the digital file to print your own 8”x10”s or let us print them for you. Whatever you choose we’ll make it simple and fun. Comp cards and info sheets are also available.

  • Investment: $199 for weekday studio sessions, $249 for weekend

  • Location sessions are available for an additional $50. Travel expenses may apply. 

  • Portfolio packages including clothing changes are available starting at $499. Prices vary based on the number of poses selected, prints, and/or digital files. 


Specialty Sessions

Throughout the year there are opportunities to take part in whimsical and creative sessions. 

  • Our Ladies Photo Fun Night is a Monthly event with $158 and $258 ticket options. 

  • Santa in the Studio and other special events are scheduled throughout the year. 

Check out our calendar and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about what we are up to each month. 

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