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9:00 - 2:00 Monday - Thursday July 6-July 9 and July 13-July 16, the Photo Focus summer program is an eight (8) day Beginner Photography Workshop that focuses on how to create great images with a DSLR camera: subject selection, composition and photo fundamentals. Students are introduced to an array of digital photographic techniques used in the studio and on location. We’ll have fun while we learn how to take photos indoors and in natural lighting.

July Photo Focus! Summer Camp - Early Registration - Ends April 15th

  • This hands-on workshop is tailor made for beginning photographers focusing on exploring their creative expression and enjoyment of photography.

    Working with their own digital cameras, pre-teens/teens receive personalized, field-based and class instruction on how to improve their photography. In the classroom and on location, they'll learn the use of light, composition and camera settings. Like real professional photographers, we will shoot outdoors and in a professional studio set-up, exploring lighting options and composition techniques while giving each camper lots of personal attention.

    From 9:00 - 2:00, Monday - Thursday the participants will work with Jean, capturing images in and around our Wyckoff studio, the students will create fun photos focusing on a different aspect of photography each day.

    We’ll focus on:
    - camera control and composition
    - color theory
    - seeing light
    - recording movement 
    - getting up close
    - perspective and how to see from all angles 
    - people pictures 
    - and much more!

    Who should take this course? Students, ages 10-14, without formal training who want to know more about their camera and how to create memorable images. Students should be passionate about the arts in general and photography specifically.

    What kind of camera do you need?  A Digital SLR will allow the student to get the most from each session. Point and Shoot cameras are also acceptable. Being able to set white balance and change option settings will help. Pads and phones don’t allow for enough user control to take advantage of all the session options but can be used if necessary.

    Classes are small, only 8-10 students per session, so there is plenty of one on one instruction. You learn best by doing so we will be taking lots of photos each day. 

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